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So yesterday my stepsister Amber, my niece Angelina, and I all went up to visit Rich. It was a very good visit, he was very alert and responsive; of course that probably had more to do with the fact that his friends Erika and Kim (I hope I got that right, my memory is pretty much gone after I've worked) were up there.

He really got a kick out of Angelina being up there, she's 7 months old and when she saw Rich she started smiling and waving at him so he lifted his hand up (which was in those dumb ass mittens that look like white boxing gloves) and she kind of grabbed it and he smiled at her. Then I was holding her since I was sitting down and she was touching his arm, and I moved back so that Kim could cut Rich's nails (the nurse said as long we don't leave him alone with them off that we could take the dumb gloves off), and she got all upset.

All in all he's doing really good and it really helps when he has visitors other then his family because well we're family. Erika also brought him up a stuffed animal which is a cat named Erika, and she made him a CD which he seemed to like better then his 4 channel TV of course the CD was MSI.

I didn't get to go up tonight because I had to work and I won't get to go tomorrow but I should be going Friday & Saturday since I only have to work from 9-5. Moe's the best!

But that's another entry...
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