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I really fucking hate anything that has to do with The University of Maryland Medical System, I mean this. They really need to learn how to keep my father and I in the fucking loop about what they are doing to/with Rich.

For example they say we're going to put the feeding tube in his throat to see if it will help him get is swallowing ability back and what do they do put the damn thing directly in his stomach.

This one is my favorite, we didn't find out they were moving Rich to Kernan till today well technically yesterday (the day they moved him.) So for those that went to see him today and were completely thrown don't worry so were we...

Speaking of Kernan; could the place be more fucking creepy looking? No joke, I'll have to take some pictures of it to show those of that can't see it. I mean there is this one part on the far side of the hospital it looks like something out of a horror movie, it's rundown with clouded windows, boxes stacked in the different room and a silo looking thing on the side. Not to mention the green house which didn't look to green to me. All I have to say is this place is a breeding ground for ghosts!

His room isn't that great either there are three other people in the room, and it's just cramped. You really feel like you're invading these other people's space when you enter/exit.

I felt so bad when we walked in and saw the lovely poster that Erika(??)left because I hadn't been to see him in a week not because I didn't want to, but Dad was having a hard time dealing I guess.

At first he kind of looked at us like he didn't know who we were, which scared me. When he came to again though he was much more responsive, and looked from Dad to Deb, and then to me when he heard our names said so that's really good. I got the poster of the wall and just kind of pointed different things out to see what all he remembered.

We asked him a bunch of stupid questions, but since he can't talk it's all we can really do is ask him yes/no questions or tell him to squeeze our hand if he remembers. He remembers graduation but doesn't remember that mom is in Kansas, he seems to know what our Aunt Vickie looks like since when we mentioned her he started looking around the area for her.

I started to ask him something and he looked over at me then started coughing really bad (which is good because it helps clear his lungs) and he reached out grabbed my hand and starting squeezing it.

Now for the all important info about Kernan:

Website: Kernan Home Page
Room Info: Level T, Room 911, Bed 3 when you sign in just put "T 911-3"
Visiting Hours: Parking is decent and free!
Weekdays: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Weekends: 12pm - 8:30pm

I will be up there tomorrow along with Dad and our stepsister Amber, so if anyone else is going to be up there as well drop me a line either by commenting, e-mailing me at: or IMing (AIM) me at: Anearlessworld

He responds very well to visitors and also they don't have him tied up...


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