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All right so I get home from running some errands around I don't know 1:30pm and like always because nobody ever calls my cell I went and plugged my cheap little phone in to charge so that it will not die while I'm at work, which means I then must go to Guest Services and use the phone. I really don't mind that but I just wasn't feeling like I would want to.

I really don't know what time I got online, must have been between 2:30pm-3:00pm and I get an IM from a SN I don't know. Well turns out it's my friend Jamiee, who after I say hi says "Please tell me you have heard about Rich" my heart drops into my feet (Rich would be my little brother, not so little he's an intimidating person if you don't know him plus he's 18 so I'm sure he wouldn't like me calling him my little brother...not that I care) I respond with no because I hadn't and while she's typing I run to the back room to get my cell, sure enough it says on the screen "You have new voice messages" I didn't call to check figuring they had to do with Rich and come back out to say that Jamiee has written that he is @ University of Maryland Medical Center in Shock Trauma.

I know try to rapidly dial my box to check my messages cursing the phone for not dialing faster. First message is from Merlyn (my brothers friend of a long ass time) telling me a little bit more that he was either on his way or leaving work (did I know he had even found a job...of course not!)with Josh (didn't know who Josh was @ first) and that they hit a truck. I of course in my haste wanted to repeat the message to write down Merlyn’s # but instead I deleted it, next message is from Ash’s dad (Ash ‘s family has been letting my brother live in their basement for the last 3 months I think…) telling me to call him. I call hoping he can give me some more info, which he really doesn’t know anymore then I already knew.

I explain what’s going on to my Step-mother, and then preceded to call my dad, long story short on this, he kinda freaks and my step-mom goes to pick him up from work since he can’t take the work van. I stay behind thinking they were going to come back, and I also wanted to call the hospital and get some damn information.

I call the hospital and they direct me to Shock Trauma Patient information and I get the “We-aren’t-going-to-tell-you-jack-shit-relative-or-not” but they did tell me he was listed as being in Critical but Stable Condition and was currently getting a CT scan, they also told me he was intubated. A little while later Jamiee said she had just called and he was moved down to “Serious but Stable” better but not by much.

I also had to play phone tag to try and find a way to get in touch with my mom, I call her house # no answer so I leave a message (before calling the hospital), then I call my Grandparents and leave a message there, I decide that since I don’t have my cousin Scott’s number I will call Brad because I know he has my Aunt’s work number and she would know were my mom was since she lives with her. I tell my aunt what I know and then just sit and wait.

Blah blah blah

I get to the hospital and see/meet Josh’s family (who’s doing really well) and then I go up to see Rich. He doesn’t look good but not as bad as I was expecting, he’s got gauze over his right eye because he got a ton of lacerations near it, and he has a really nice shiner on his left eye. They had to sedate him because he was really combative, which I got to see when the medicine started wearing off and the blood that had accumulated in his mouth started to come out (I will fully admit I freaked) and they (nurses/doctors) rushed us off.

Yeah so in summery his nose is broke (they think on both sides), his jaw is broke (which means they will have to wire it shut), I think he may have broken his cheek bones, and the optimologist says it hard to tell right now with all the cuts but it’s possible he might have fucked up a nerve in his right eye.

We just called and found out that they sutured up all of his cuts and it took them about 2 ½ hours….

Oh yeah with the car they ran into the back end of a semi and they say that Rich hit his head on the bumper, the docs said he’s lucky to be alive after seeing the images some people they work with took of the car.

I'm Sorry

Date: 2004-09-15 11:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
OMG, i'm sorry Jessica. I knew you went to the hospital because of your brother, but i had no idea why. That sucks. I hope he's getting better :)


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